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DEO's EBook Conversion

The new age of electronic books and media has caused a surge in demand for conversion services. DEO has been an innovator in practical eBook conversion solutions for businesses and individuals worldwide.

Documents, articles, brochures, books, PowerPoint presentations, and catalogs can be converted into eBooks without loss of information. DEO can assist you in creating professional, creative, high quality eBooks that are ready to upload onto your server, publish, or archive according to your needs. We offer a variety of versatile formatting eBook data entry so that your eBook is exactly as you envisioned, all at affordable prices!


DEO's Streamlined eBook
Conversion Services

Our knowledgeable staff is able to offer accurate eBook conversion solutions on a tight deadline through our fine-tuned conversion process.

  • We specialize in transferring any hard copy data into an electronic format. At the same time, the formatting of the original is maintained. We are proud to say that our eBook conversion services can digitize your content accurately and professionally.

  • Turn online or printed articles into eBooks to reach a wider audience and establish your authority in a particular sphere. If you want to put together a body of work for distribution, we can help you correlate all the information you need into a single, electronically accessible format.

  • Transform printed books into eBooks that can be accessed across multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. DEO's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) helps to guarantee accuracy with every conversion. We ensure to keep the book’s original formatting for a seamless reading experience.

  • We can convert business documents into space-saving, highly searchable formats that are easily accessible. These digital copies are better preserved, easily manageable, and ready for distribution among those who require instant access to important documentation.

  • Turn your printed product catalogue into an electronic format that can be read across all formats of smart devices. Our conversion services preserve the information, images, and layouts in the catalog, ensuring that your target audience experiences the content as originally intended.

  • We are able to convert magazines into flawless online publications. At all times, we maintain image and content quality. When necessary, we separate images from written content to ensure your magazines appear professional across all digital platforms.

  • DEO's eBook conversion services will help you to convert data from multiple sources into a single streamlined eBook. Optimize your use of data and convert it into a format that works for you. Store this information easily and access it whenever you need it most.

The Professional eBook Conversion
Process at DEO

Our knowledgeable team has developed a eBook conversion process that offers accurate results for all types of eBook projects, whether they are hard copy documents or digital articles.

  • Scanning: For hard copy or printed sources, DEO needs scanned copies (or contact DEO for alternative) of manuscripts or pages with close match to its original copy, creating digital versions that are ready for uploading across the internet, or for ePublication.

  • Digitizing: DEO finalizes our eBook conversion process by creating digital versions of your material, and preparing it for use online. Your digital data will be ready for your immediate use across a range of online resources.

  • Formatting: Should you require an exact replica of your original layout, DEO is able to provide a Fixed Layout format that will retain the appearance and layout of your book, document, or other material. Otherwise, we discern your particular needs and produce a format that works for your eBook goals, or for future publishing, archiving, or internet use.

Benefit from DEO's Advanced eBook
Conversion Services

Businesses, universities, libraries, and authors can enjoy creative, cutting edge eBook conversion services that give you options for utilizing your eBook in today's electronic world.

  • Archiving that Lasts: Paper and hard copy documents, data, and books are vulnerable to the elements, everyday wear and tear, and the stresses of time. Preserve your important books, projects, and presentations, and continue to enjoy them in the future by using DEO's eBook conversion services. Your eBook will be available for generations to come, without fear of informational loss.

  • Separate Images from Written Content: DEO's advanced eBook conversion services can remove, adjust, or separate images from written content, offering a means of modifying graphic novels, catalogues, presentations, and any other work that utilizes combined images and written content.

  • Reach a Larger Audience: DEO's eBook conversion services allows businesses and individuals to reach more readers and audiences than ever before, enabling them to publish across all electronic devices, including websites, eReaders, tablets, Apps, and smart phones. Don't rely on outdated paper books when your documents, brochures, books, and catalogues can be available to people across the world with a click of a button.

  • Better Promotion for Previous Works: Digitalize old content and draw attention to pre-existing hard copy, or out-of-print books, providing more attention and marketing to work you've created in the past. DEO's conversion services can offer new life to old material, digitalizing out of print or back content books. Your old projects can enjoy search engine optimization, publication across new digital sources, and find a new fan base with our eBook conversion solutions.

  • No Loss of Content: DEO utilizes state of the art technology and software to ensure that it can convert your books properly without sacrificing quality or content. Our scanners and formatting programs provide error proof results for high quality by adhering to your requirements.

  • Variety of Formats: DEO can convert your books, documents, presentations, and more, into whatever format works best for you or your business. Our eBook conversion solutions provide a means for formatting on DVDs, PDF, CD-ROMs, or FTP servers.

  • Revise, Edit, or Update Your Material: Printed and hard copy books, documents, or catalogues don't offer authors and businesses a means of adding important changes or revisions to their material. DEO's expert eBook conversion Services can digitize your books, and format data so that you have full control over future changes, edits, revisions, and more. Enjoy versatile solutions for years to come!

  • Interactive eBook Options: Create an interactive eBook experience through DEO's eBook conversion services. Businesses and authors can design interactive eBooks that contain video, audio, animation, images, links, and search functions to better connect with their target audience.

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eBook Conversion Services for the Electronic Age

For libraries, authors, colleges, schools, and individuals looking to transform their work into publication ready material that works in the modern world, rely on DEO's eBook conversion Services. Call us today and discover more about how our eBook conversion solutions can help you!