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XML Conversion

DEO's XML Conversion Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) XML conversion services enables businesses adapt to versatile data options, and XML conversion services from DEO are a valuable asset for any company. XML file types enable your business to use information in flexible ways due to its cross platform syntax. Pass data to and from different software, operating systems, applications, and utilize it on larger or complex systems.

DEO can convert your files, documents, data, and information, whether they originate in hard or digital forms, into XML files for functional data usage across any or all of your operating systems. Customize your data usage by converting old fashioned data formats into versatile XML files with DEO's affordable, timely XML Conversion Services.


A Broad Range
of XML Conversion Services

DEO's expert XML conversion services offers a range of competitively priced file conversion options to encompass all of your XML conversion needs. Our XML conversion includes, but is not limited to:

  • Word to XML

    We expertly convert Word files to XML-based languages like Atom, SOAP, or XHTML. If your business sends out a lot of invoices on a regular basis, you will benefit from this conversion, which makes reporting, storing, and sifting through records a lot easier.

  • HTML to XML

    At DEO, we provide advanced HTML to XML conversion services that ensure your data reads perfectly once converted. Our expert teams are adept at breaking structured data from its current presentation and converting it to or from XML and HTML as needed.

  • PDF to XML

    PDF formatting can be restrictive, but DEO can help translate these files into a flexible XML file type, which affords consistent data usage without structural errors. Documents will be easy to decipher, store, and recover when you convert from PDF to XML.

  • Text to XML

    DEO’s team of professionals helps to ensure that your business’ text files are universally accepted by converting them to the highly flexible XML file format. This file format makes data more easily readable and sortable across a range of different programs.

  • Excel to XML

    We understand that the simplification of an Excel file may prevent it from displaying well on your website, so we do whatever we can to prevent that from happening. Through DEO’s targeted XML conversion services, you’re guaranteed that your data is comprehensible across a multitude of formats.

  • RTF to XML

    DEO’s XML conversion services for RTF data can be used for invoices, pay slips, or day-to-day records. Our Graphics User Interface (GUI) can perform accurate XML conversions and offer solutions including command options, core configurations, and many other additional user options.

DEO's XML Conversion Process

XML conversion is handled by DEO's trained, reliable technicians in a streamlined process that makes your data more universally acceptable and easily readable across a range of systems.

  • Application Programing Interfaces: DEO has developed advanced API's to aid us in processing and converting your files and data into XML formatting. We begin the conversion process by taking your original data, no matter the format, and using API's to begin processing.

  • Markup: XML is distinguished by its syntax, and DEO continues the conversion process by ensuring that the beginning and ending characters within the XML coding system are correctly classified.

  • Customized XML Formatting: DEO then formats your converted documents into XML syntax like RSS, Atom, SOAP, or XHTML depending on your business's unique requirements so that the final data is ready for use on your software.

  • Correct Attributes: XML Conversion is only successful when the construction contains single value attributes so that information reads correctly. DEO ensures all single values are defined properly and multiple values contain the right elements.

  • Tagging: DEO's XML Conversion software then constructs the correct tags for perfectly accurate data transfer between original and XML formats. Your data will have a start-tag, end-tag, and empty-element tag as needed.

Endless Benefits
with DEO's XML Conversions

DEO can provide advantageous solutions for businesses looking to gain wider usage from their files and information with our XML Conversion Services.

  • Default Data Usage: XML has become known as the default formatting for office usage worldwide, which is why DEO offers comprehensive XML conversion services for all business models. Enjoy XML capable formats on Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and more!

  • Portable Information: Converting your documents to XML with DEO's XML conversion services creates valuable portability for all of your information and allows you to use, share, and access it across platforms, software, applications, and different technologies.

  • Unicode Characters: Unicode is a consistent standard of encoding, text, and representation across all software systems, and all Unicode characters appear in XML documents. Your company can benefit from universal utilization of data by using DEO's XML conversion services for your information, and implement your unique data across a range of platforms, systems, and formats.

  • Utilize Unstructured Documents: Much of a company's information is contained in multiple locations, like individual file servers, web servers, or groupware databases. Converting files to XML with DEO's XML conversion services allows businesses to create, store, index, and publish Unstructured content easily and inexpensively.

  • Customizable Content for Clients: Provide specific information when your customers request it by using XML formatting, which allows you to create customized sets of information from amongst thousands of similar data. Trust DEO to accurately convert your data to XML so your clients can have access to the information they need, ensuring better customer satisfaction across the board.

  • Share Access and Usage to Documents: Multiple employees can add or edit data within documents and files that exist in XML format, as it allows more than one person to use the same data at any given time. Save time, money, and aggravation by enabling multiple people to contribute to XML documents, a task that's nearly impossible on other formats. DEO can safely and correctly convert your files to XML!

  • Use Partial Information in New Documents: DEO's XML conversion services gives businesses the means of using their information as many times as they want to by pulling partial data from existing documents and applying it to new documents that are in XML format.

  • Easily Archive and Retrieve Your Data: Companies can always have access to their information when they convert their files to XML, which makes it simple for businesses to archive information, or retrieve it quickly when needed.

  • Supports Cross Referencing and Links: Many formats, like HTML for example, don't allow for easy, quick cross referencing of data or addition of important links. XML's formatting is flexible and capable of creating useful links and has valuable cross referencing capabilities. DEO's XML Conversion Service technicians can assist your business in creating XML files that support vital informational tools like these!

  • Publishing Capabilities: XML makes external publishing easy for businesses. Convert emails, printed documents, hard copies, manuals, receipts, and more into XML and enable your information to be readable across web pages, web sites, and web documents.

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