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Data Labeling Services Offered by DEO

DEO offers a wide range of customizable data labeling services.

Named Entity Recognition

Our data labeling operation pulls raw data and classifies named entities like persons, organizations, or locations. This information is classified into predetermined categories so that it can easily be recognized later by machine learning processes

Text Classification

Our expert teams label natural language texts and then place them into specific categories. We take unstructured data and then pull generic tags from it, thus making it easier for machine learning processes to identify this type of information automatically.

Image Classification

Get a unique insight into images by labeling their contents, thus giving machine learning systems a way to recognize an image. Every label created is weighed accordingly in variance with the confidence that machine learning models can recognize it as relevant.

Semantic Segmentation

Our experts label pixels in images according to a predetermined representation class. Since pixels are being predicted on an individual basis, machine learning systems can identify corresponding image types.

Bounding Box

Our teams utilize video annotation processes to create an imaginary rectangle (bounding box) around an object that is used for machine reference. That way, your machine learning systems can recognize the same object in other images.


This service works in much the same way as bounding boxes but is used when a rectangle will not capture an object. In this case, a complex polygon is used to define the shape and location with more precision.

Video Object Tracking

This is our annotation process to track specific objects within videos. The goal is to allow your machine learning systems to detect and recognize specific objects within objects automatically.

Why Work with DEO

  • DEO’s highly secure processes ensure that your outsourced data labeling details remain confidential. Data integrity is our highest priority, so you can rest assured that your information is safe with us
  • Our teams are equipped with cutting-edge tools and are trained to handle large volumes of data. All data labeling services provided by our experts are handled with a quality-first approach.
  • As one of the worldwide leading data labeling companies, DEO has specialists in all areas of data labeling including data annotation, text annotation, image annotation, video annotation, and audio annotation.
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Pricing & Engagement

Our highly flexible prices are made possible through dedicated resources so quality is never compromised.

Quality Systems

All of our data labeling services are performed using a quality-first approach that carries ISO 27001:2013 standard quality assurance

Project Security

Using state-of-the-art tools, we ensure any data provided by the client is always secure. We also use NDAs to guarantee confidentiality.


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