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Database Development and Data Migration Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) provides Database Development and Data Migration Services that reflect excellence across the solution pipeline. Organizations who need to securely migrate data and create high performing databases compiled from the various financial, customer, and IT data can look to DEO. Those companies with legacy systems can easily transfer their information to high-quality digital databases, and those already operating under a digital model can efficiently organize and prepare existing databases for further use.

DEO’s commitment to quality, adherence to strict data security and privacy protocols, skilled resources, and licensed technology tools leads to professional and dependable results for organizations across the globe.


DEO’s Range of Database Development and Data Migration Services

DEO’s experience with database management has enabled us to feature a service range that addresses all aspects of database development and deployment, and data migration. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • DEO analyzes user requirements to determine the best possible course of action for database development and configuration. This includes assessing client needs and goals, and preparing a course of action for either migrating existing data into a newly constructed database, or merging disparate data into a pre-existing client database.

  • DEO organizes client data based on a predetermined database model, and then stores and configures the data based on the data relationships and correlations. Database designs may include hierarchical, network, relational, document, and other models.

  • DEO constructs and implements a custom database built around specific client needs. This includes function developments, scripting, storage, and triggers to establish strong support for application development.

  • DEO provides installation solutions that include storing a custom database on the client’s servers for easy access and regular use. This includes installing the foundational software, configuring backups, and creating user accounts and privileges.

  • DEO offers performance monitoring, upkeep, modifications, and issue identification and correction over the lifecycle of the database, ensuring that companies can utilize a high performing, quality database at all times.

  • DEO can migrate data from a legacy system into a new digital database, or migrate data from an existing storage system to a new, custom database storage system. Data is carefully curated, prepared, and extracted prior to migration to ensure information integrity.

Benefits of DEO’s Database Development & Data Migration Services

With DEO’s hands-on approach to database development and data migration, companies can benefit from customized solutions that help them meet their unique short and long term goals:

  • Data Assets: Companies can count on improved data security, data integrity and quality, easier accessibility and sharing, record tracking, display metrics, concurrency controls, multiple data views, and much more, with a custom, thoughtfully organized database from DEO.

  • Monitor Valuable Data: Keep better track of valuable customer, supplier, employee, partner, supplier, distributor, and competitor information with a fast, efficient, accessible, custom formatted, and organized database design.

  • Disaster Preparation: Companies can safeguard their critical company information from natural disasters, power disruptions, or server failures with configuration options that enable companies to take advantage of database protection options like automated backup conversion, or integrated cloud backups.

  • Top Database Software: RCompanies can have the reliability and stability of best in class and licensed database software tools, including MySQL, Firebird, Oracle RDBMS, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL, and more.

  • Performance Driven: Work more efficiently with a multi-layered database that is capable of using various query languages, with heightened performance and more dependable end-user experiences.

  • Service Agility: DEO’s secure, economical, adaptable outsourcing model, adherence to ISO standards, and best in industry practices gives clients peace of mind, budget room, and proven results, with the option to secure either hourly or FTE rates.

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Data Migration and Data Development Services from the Experts at DEO

Speed, affordability, scalability, and performance are the foundation of DEO’s Database Development and Data Migration Solutions. Serving international clients for over a decade, DEO has a clear understanding of the unique industry and domain standards that drive high quality database and data migration practices befitting the demands of a diverse spectrum of user needs.

Connect with DEO today and speak with one of our educated team members to discover more about how our database development and data migration services can benefit your business.