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Directory Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) provides businesses and entrepreneurs with directory data entry services that improve structural access to private information directories. As the digital landscape expands, our directory services ensure that you have your critical information updated, organized, and available at any time.

Organizations and entrepreneurs maintaining financial, customer, client, research, legal, educational, and healthcare directories can benefit from the accuracy, reliability, customization, and ease-of-use of DEO’s data entry services. To know more about our engagement models and how to outsource data entry services, contact us today.


Our Range of Directory Data Entry Services

Educational institutions, banks, insurance providers, retail, manufacturing, real estate, travel, hospitality, and other industries can easily manage efficient directories built on a foundation of precision-driven data entry. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • DEO offers efficient data entry for a variety of financial objectives and services for universities, investment banks, insurance providers, and more. Includes financial aid directories made under FERPA guidelines, financial benefits, credit, loans, mortgages, stock market data, and other critical financial data for diverse companies.

  • DEO provides accurate data entry for customer directories that can complement customer management systems and support marketing objectives. Includes customer records, profiles, local and national directories, and more.

  • DEO offers data entry for a variety of research directories, including focus group facilities, marketing research, scientific research, medical research, business research, and more, to help companies maintain a current, well-organized and searchable resource for easy information retrieval.

  • DEO provides precision-driven data entry for legal directories, including attorney search directories, law firm directories, client directories, and judge directories. The optional configuration, according to internal or external facing objectives to help increase authority, visibility, and SEO rankings.

  • DEO provides HIPAA compliant data entry to augment patient care services for medical and healthcare providers and facilities. Includes data collection, validation, enhancement, and organization per client specifications.

Benefits of Outsourcing
Directory Services to DEO

Businesses can utilize an experienced data entry outsourcing team to meet their directory development goals, along with superior manual and automated techniques that provide numerous benefits:

  • Up to Date Information: Maintain a current directory with frequently refreshed data that ensures critical business information stays up to date as products, services, addresses, and other data changes.

  • Arrangement by Any Vertical: Utilize a highly performing directory developed around data that has been organized by any preferred vertical for an information resource that helps professionals, employees, or customers better locate, research, or retrieve specific data.

  • Enhance Campus Networks: Enhance university and higher education campus networks with directories that help students, staff, and teachers connect to one another and to educational services and build an information network throughout the campus.

  • Improve Patient Services: Promote the quality and safety of patient services at medical centers, clinics, and hospitals with medical directories that provide operational, financial, utilization, and departmental information.

  • Control Online Presence: Gain better control over and optimize your company’s online presence with directory information that’s complete, accurate, and detailed to increase visibility and credibility.

  • Improve Real Estate Visibility: Assist property buyers and sellers in locating realtors, brokers, appraisers, and more with local or state information that’s entered, enhanced, and organized to improve visibility and lead comparison.

Build your Directory Assets with Offshore Directory Data Entry Services

DEO’s commitment to data security, information privacy, and accuracy in combination with a team of experienced data entry specialists, provides cost-effective, efficient directory services. Along with CRM data entry, database data entry, ERP data entry services, and more, our team is ready to assist your business with all kinds of data entry support.

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