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DEO's Geotagging Data Entry

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) provides Geotagging Data Entry Services for businesses that have a vast number of geotagged images, websites, and video data. Organizations that compile geo data from a variety of sources and require prompt organizational solutions can avail DEO’s location tagging services. With our accurate digital data entry solutions, businesses can process, enrich, organize, convert, or store location wise information in easily accessible repositories or spreadsheets.

Our skilled technicians are experienced in extracting embedded geodata from diverse formats and transforming them into retrievable, meaningful information that enhances the outcomes. Moreover, companies can better meet their need for improved search functionality, customer monitoring and interactions, social media awareness, and sales and marketing objectives with DEO’s Geotagging Data Entry solutions.


Our Range of Geotag Data Entry Services

DEO provides businesses with an all-encompassing range of accurate geotagging data entry services for all location-based requirements. These include, but are not limited to:

  • DEO can collect, extract, sort, and enhance geographical location data from any volume of images and prepare it for automated data entry, including verifying accuracy and uploading into custom storage solutions

  • DEO offers data entry for geotagged videos that require geotagged data to be extracted or collected, processed, enhanced, and organized in a database or spreadsheet. Includes audio encoding and overlays.

  • DEO provides data entry for website geotagging that includes collecting, entering, and processing data for coordinate based identifiers, latitude, longitude, bearing, time stamps, altitudes, and complex metadata.

  • DEO’s data team will convert geotagged data from videos, images, and websites into a chosen format so you and your business can make full use of the information on the devices and software your business runs.

  • DEO provides location data entry for businesses who want to improve their visibility on Google Maps and Google Earth by having their businesses location data organized into easily retrievable and organized formats and systems.

DEO’s Accurate Approach
to Location Mapping Data Entry

DEO's meticulous rendition of all information produced by our Geotagging data entry services is the result of our expert team's vigorous adherence to accuracy and detail.

  • Personalized Consultation: DEO is proud to begin our incomparable Geotagging service process with a customized consultation that ensures our valued clients receive the exact results they require, on time, and entirely accurate.

  • Geotagged Data Formatting: DEO then prepares your data for formatting and precise location tagging, often converting from existing formats like JPEG or TIFF. We assign the correct geographical location and format it for use across a range of platforms.

  • Geotagging Database Creation: Once your company's requested locations have been effectively Geotagged; DEO designs a simplified database that is ready for uploading on websites, apps, mobile devices, or social media platforms. This versatile database can be configured to any specifications that suit your business's needs.

  • Geotagged Data Collection and Extraction: After a thorough consultation, DEO gathers all apposite information from assorted materials provided by your business. Our efficient staff extracts the data from its existing format, be it an image, video, or audio file, employing top of the line automated scanners and software programs. Longitude and latitude data that is embedded within the material's metadata will be accurately extricated for further handling.

Professional Benefits
with DEO's Cost Effective Geotagging Services

DEO's affordable and accurate Geotagging solutions offers countless professional benefits for any selective businesses that utilize digital mapping and need definitive location tagging for a variety of purposes.

  • Categorize Photos and Videos: DEO's superior Geotagging data entry services can categorize and compile photos and videos for optimal organization, and prepare them for exact Geotagging.

  • Organize Company Information into Location Based Parameters: Our experienced staff can organize any company information so that employees, clients, and business partners can find location based resources with DEO's expert Geotagging data entry services.

  • Geotagging for Any Type of Media Related Data: DEO's innovative Geotagging services can extract locations from photos, videos, SMS, or websites for publication across any type of media. Ideal for mapping your business on Google Maps, Google Earth, LinkedIn, promotional blogs, or Facebook.

  • Location Mapping for Restaurants, Clubs, and Bars: Ensure that your business is marketing itself effectively by utilizing DEO's Geotagging Services. We offer error-free location mapping for restaurants, clubs, bars, and more! Consumers will be able to easily and quickly find your business with this affordable option.

  • ProperlyIdentify Landmarks: Our high-quality Geotagging data entry solution provides companies with a means to properly identify landmarks, a crucial addition for any savvy business practice. Geographically identify your business, and other relevant structures, so that they can appear digitally across specific locations on a map.

  • App Accessible Geotagging: DEO's customizable services can craft databases that are specifically formatted for use across popular applications, an in-demand option for app developers and other businesses who utilize location mapping.

  • Add More Identifying Locational Features to Images, Videos, and Websites: In addition to offering latitude and longitude tagging, DEO's adaptable Geotagging can provide other locational features for unbeatable organization. Our knowledgeable team can include information such as distance, altitude, bearing, place names, and accuracy data to any of your business's images, videos, or websites.

  • Scalable Geotagging Data Entry Options: DEO offers scalable solutions for any Geotagging data entry project, be it for bulk amounts of images and videos, or smaller quantities. All of your business’s locations mapping organizational goals are achievable with DEO’s all-inclusive Geotagging Data Entry Solutions.

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Geotagging Solutions from India’s Most Trusted Data Entry Firm

DEO’s data entry team has led the industry from the past two decades and offers advanced solutions for companies who want to better organize and enhance their geotagged data. From conversion and enrichment to verification and processing, DEO’s Geotagging Data Entry Services is a cost-effective, innovative, and useful option for organizations in need of aligning their geotagged information with sales and marketing, customer experience, and back office objectives.

For more information about our customer-centric approach to Geotagging Data Entry, and discover the value our custom solutions can offer for your business, contact us.