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Food Nutrition Scale Data
Entry Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) provides Food Nutrition Scale Data Entry for companies who need food nutrition data processed, stored, and digitized so that accurate information can be distributed accordingly on food products and online sources. Organizations who need data on vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, amino acids, daily serving calorie counts, and serving sizes, require up to date information to meet food regulation and safety standard mandates. DEO helps such organizations with accurate and organized information to ensure their customers are accessing the foods specified for their dietary and allergy safety needs.

Quick, affordable, and accurate are the pillars of DEO’s data entry outsourcing framework, ensuring that clients can meet productivity needs on their timeline and within their budget.


DEO’s Range of Food Nutrition Scale Data Entry Services

DEO offers a complete range of Food Nutrition Scale Data Entry Services that are tailored to meet diverse food label production and distribution needs. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • DEO offers specialized data entry and labeling content for dietary supplements that include proprietary blends, expiration dates, manufacturing license information, percent daily values, and more.

  • DEO offers Food Nutrition Scale Data Entry for standard menu items and brand products at restaurants and other food retailers. This includes scanning and capture of relevant food data from client provided materials, conversion, enhancement, processing, and formatting.

  • DEO features food guidance document data entry tailored to help companies meet and express laws and regulations governing food safety programs. This includes all data for the processing, packaging, and holding of food in accompanying facilities.

  • DEO provides data entry for all components of food nutrition, from dietary composition and calories to serving sizes and percent daily values. This includes data collection and capture, data merging, validation, enhancement, auditing, and processing.

  • DEO can create nutritional databases that take lab analyzed food information provided by the client and enters it into a custom, well organized, easily searchable format that supports the swift calculation, tracking, or query of food ingredients.

Benefits of Utilizing DEO’s Food Nutrition
Data Entry Service

Benefit from rigorous standards of excellence across our Food Nutrition Data Entry Services helps remove confusion from food nutrition data so that results are precise and well presented for consumers:

  • Food Safety Guidelines: Familiarity in FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs), Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP), and Food Codes allows DEO’s data entry to be conducted with the authority and familiarity of experienced domain experts.

  • Cross-Industry Applications: Utilize DEO’s experience in Food Nutrition Scale Data Entry for cross-industry applications intended to support nutritionists, food corporations, dieticians, athletic companies, retail food producers, and manufacturers.

  • Biometric Logins: DEO protects client data with a number of ironclad privacy and security protocols, including biometric logins, cutting edge and licensed tools and software, secure email, optional NDAs, and 24/7 hardware surveillance.

  • Outsourcing Matrix: Companies can procure hourly or FTE resources and work with an outsourcing agency who utilizes Quality Control leads, follows ISO guidelines, and relies on leading software and hardware in a modern digital facility.

  • Custom Nutrition Labels: Receive labels that are customized per specific legal food labeling standards and requirements per country so that your business is better positioned to meet labeling demands for distributors, importers, and manufacturers.

  • Varied Measurement Systems: DEO is able to customize data entry based on different systems of measurement to ensure that all information is accurate whether based on metric, imperial, or US customary units.

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The Quality Benchmark for Food Nutrition Scale Data Entry Services

Companies in the food manufacturing, packing, distribution, import, export, sales, or marketing of food and dietary products need trusted Food Nutrition Scale Data Entry Services to help them achieve quality and accuracy benchmarks. DEO doesn’t compromise on quality when it comes to our data entry practices, which means that our clients only receive the best, most consistent results.

Contact our dedicated team today and learn how the Food Nutrition Scale Data Entry Services from DEO can help your company better satisfy legal and regulatory labeling standards while meeting your personalized brand label aesthetics.