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Unlock the Power of Visual Data with DEO's Image Processing Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) is a global leader in Image Processing Services, helping companies use valuable data within images for branding and marketing. With expertise in data entry and processing, DEO optimizes and processes analog or digital images for industries like medical, retail, real estate, education, and multimedia.

Transform your images into professional visualizations for catalogs, eCommerce, promotions, and branding campaigns. DEO offers affordable pricing and flexible turnaround times for image annotation, tagging, database formatting, and more.


DEO’s Image Processing Service Range

DEO utilizes a complete toolkit of current software and bespoke techniques to customize outcomes per business case, for a service range reflective of today’s most popular and in-demand imaging applications. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • DEO compiles pre-existing digital images and physical photos and creates organized databases for businesses. Our scanning processes safely convert images into a digital form for archiving, digital sharing, uploading, and storage.

  • DEO eliminates the tendency for image distortion during the scaling and cropping process with a careful manipulation of pixel size and number. This results in attractive, resized images that are free of unwanted blurriness, texture changes, and warping.

  • DEO skillfully manipulates images to produce the required outcome depending on the client’s objectives. We offer services such as airbrushing, double exposure, retouching, hand coloring, restoration, etc., for fashion, social media content, and eCommerce.

  • DEO processes images designed to depict any object or representation in 3D. As a popular service for the medical, real estate, and gaming industries, our options include color correction, adjustment, scaling, formatting, contrast enhancement, and rendering.

  • DEO retouches and corrects image colors with an artist’s eye for shading, tonal values, light sources, and palette. Custom options for products, events, landscapes, portraits, fashion, jewelry, automotive, real estate, and more.

  • DEO integrates and converts image data to a preferred or compatible format, with options for JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PDF, and PSD. We guarantee no loss of image integrity or details during compression or re-sampling operations.

Our Image Processing Techniques

We're knowledgeable in a variety of techniques to assist you with your image editing needs. We offer image assessment and filtering, image prioritization, change detection, 3D visualization, automated quality assessment, feature extraction, mosaic creation and more. We're also happy to discuss our techniques with you to explain which ones will best suit your needs.

Benefits of Outsourcing
Image Processing Projects to Data Entry Outsourced

When outsourcing images to a leading global data entry company, companies can expect to take advantage of the intelligent automation and manual refinery offered by DEO’s skilled technicians, among other benefits:

  • Sophisticated Image Manipulation: Receive sophisticated results that address highly specialized visual aspects, including intensity transformations, texture or feature matching and extraction, color image processing, and image segmentation.

  • Quality and Integrity Checks: Every phase of image processing is quality checked for integrity, including image capture, classification and categorization, extraction, verification, and exportation.

  • Increase Storing and Transmission Practicality: Increase the practicality of digital storing or transmission of substantial quantities of images with safe, fast image compression that reduces redundancies in image resolution and representation.

  • Selective Algorithm Application: DEO develops and applies unique algorithms during the image extraction or conversion process to ensure that the information that is manipulated during acquisition, processing, and analysis is significant and useful.

  • Discretion and Security: Businesses can rest assured that DEO follows stringent protocols for the security and privacy of our client’s images, and enforces GDPR standards during all image handling, with authorization-only access, secure biometric logins, and 24/7 hardware surveillance.

  • Cutting Edge Software: Receive images that have been processed using only the best, top-of-the-line, industry-grade software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom suite, Capture One, and Skylum Luminar.

Outsource Image Processing Services

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Maximize your company's results while minimizing costs by outsourcing your Image Processing and Image Transformation requirements to DEO. Our skilled image-processing technicians combine cutting-edge methodologies, software, and artistic expertise to create visually stunning digital enhancements suitable for various business applications.

Reach out to DEO's experienced team today to discover how digital image processing can elevate your branding, sales, marketing, and promotional efforts.