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DEO's Market Research Forms Processing Services

Market Research is an undeniably necessary aspect of company growth and development, and an integral force in creating smart, lucrative business decisions. Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) presents unique options to assist your company in its success, with our dynamic Market Research Forms Processing Services.

For discerning businesses that are searching for a complete range of solutions, DEO offers market and survey research, data capture, form digitization, data compilation, and many more selections within our comprehensive market research forms processing services. Achieve more from your market research by tasking DEO with this essential process in the development of your market research needs.


A Complete Range of Market Research
Forms Processing Services

Market Research in its entirety is a complex task, but DEO offers simplified solutions with a complete, tailored range of forms processing services that are perfect for all business types.

  • At DEO, we are committed to carefully managing large quantities of your online and offline market data. Through our specialized processes, we transform data into PDF, TXT, and XML formats that will integrate with your desired operating system.

  • With a strong background in both qualitative and quantitative research analysis, our expert team members help you to develop solid, well-informed market strategies. We help you to look forward by conducting checks related to product details, stock control, and sales breakdowns.

  • Armed with industry-leading data capture software, our expert team members make sure no amount of effort is spared when collecting your market research data. We pride ourselves on being detail-oriented, specializing in gathering information from any type of form imaginable.

  • Possessing and providing accessible and retrievable market research data is a service we have become well-known for. We digitize your company’s market research forms, making them convenient and effortlessly readable for further use in any format you need.

  • Our highly trained and diligent staff work in conjunction with our automated systems to neatly compile all of your market research data into a single and comprehensive database. If your needs and data structures differ, we can also design and provide multiple databases.

  • For projects involving extensive market and survey research, our services are a reflection of professional expertise and versatility. We provide any number of customized data presentations for market and survey combinations, or we can provide each individually as per request.

  • Our all-inclusive market research services also extend to market analysis. Our expert team utilizes your business’ market form information and performs relevant and conscientious analyses of all presented data, thereby providing expert insight.

DEO's Premier Approach to Market Research
Forms Processing Services

DEO is a leader within the industry, and we have fine-tuned our market research forms processing procedure to create a swift, cost effective approach that always produces precise results.

  • Market Data Capture and Collection: DEO's method of processing your business's market research begins with collecting data from your forms, whether they are in printed or digital formats, and preparing them for conversion. We are able to work from any source material, including hard copies, HTML, ASP, PHP, JSP, and more.

  • Market Research Data Configuration: The collected data is then scanned using our state of the art, high speed, automated systems in a customized method that is specific to your company's particular information. Depending on your market research form origin, we apply OCR, ICR, or BCR, for total and error-free readings of your vital research material.

  • Formatting: At DEO we pride ourselves on our flexible technology, which allows us to personalize your business's formatting to your explicit requirements. We configure the information to your specifications, and perform quality checks across all of your information during formatting, carefully checking for any discrepancies and cleaning up all inaccuracies.

  • Database Creation: The last step in our process is to design your business's database. DEO's expert team creates a database, or multiple databases, that securely store your market research form information so that is ready for further analysis and utilization.

Market Research Forms Processing Benefits
for All Business Models

Every business requires real world solutions pertaining to market research forms processing, which is why astute companies entrust DEO with this most crucial service.

  • Market Form Conversion into Graphs or Charts: At DEO we know that the information your business needs must be versatile, so look to our collaborative team to process professional graphs or charts generated from your market research data. Market research forms containing visual data is no deterrent to formatting, and our market research forms processing services can handle graphs, charts, or visual information with ease.

  • Conduct Research Across More Platforms: Having flexible options with DEO's research forms processing services gives your business the means to utilize more options when conducting research. As DEO can process any material, your company can extend survey and research to include email, hard copies, online sources, telephone, and more.

  • Create Custom Forms Based Upon Customer Needs: Personalization can be an advantage when appealing to customers for market research purposes. DEO's customizable market research forms processing solutions can aid your business in creating custom forms that will better encompass your goals and target the specific customer base for your research. We can create forms in multiple languages, or add characters and symbols to enliven your information.

  • Reinforce Your Market Research Forms: Our team can back up and store your market research data within secure databases that can be easily saved, stored, or uploaded onto a server of your choosing. Moreover, we can add security features to your databases that limit the access to your data so you can be assured that the information cannot be tampered with, adjusted, or removed.

  • Process any Amount of Market Data: DEO can custom tailor all information to your business's individual requirements, regardless of the volume. There is no size limit to the amount of data that we can process with our sensible. We devote just as much attention and time to smaller projects as we do larger ones, so rely on us for scalable options.

  • Restructure Databases for Use on Portable Devices: DEO can restructure your current database, or format a new one, to be compatible across portable devices such as tablets, iOS systems like iPhones and iPads, or Smart phones. This is an ideal approach for more portable access to your business's market research.

  • Better Gauge Your Market Opportunities: Accurately rendered results from DEO's forms processing solutions gives your company the means to gain valuable insight from information collected through your market data processing and analyzation.

  • Convert Market Forms into Readable Data: Your Company's various market research forms can be converted into more standardized, readable versions with DEO's progressive market research forms processing services. We offer formatting to or from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and much more. Also, we can collect your research data from websites, emails, hard copies, PDF's, and texts.

  • Reduce Errors in Your Market Data: DEO's market research forms processing services applies rigorous quality control checks to regulate the accuracy and reliability of your data so that your business can better understand research objectives derived from this information.

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DEO's Professional Market Research Forms Services

DEO's highly coveted Market Research Forms Processing Services can facilitate a smoother, more comprehensive solution to all of your business's market research needs. Contact our courteous staff today to learn more about our affordable options!