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Say Goodbye to Delays with our Interactive Transaction Processing Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) provides Transaction Processing Services to help businesses eliminate the delays and errors commonly associated with high-volume data transaction processing. We facilitate the successful completion of each online transaction entry, improving transaction flows and management. eCommerce, Industrial, Healthcare, Trading Firms, Banking and Finance, Hospitality and Travel, and Insurance rely on the accuracy involved in this process to ensure crucial data is correctly entered, updated, stored, and able to support core operations. DEO assists businesses in increasing functionality across applications, administration, and systems, for better response and cycle time and competitive differentiation.

Drive business transformation and growth, boost your customer service, strengthen future performance, and streamline daily operations with DEO’s scalable, cost-effective, and interactive approach to Transaction Processing.


DEO’s Range of Transaction Processing Services

DEO’s services are situated to streamline the ordering, organizing, submission, and completion of every transaction, whether routine or specialized. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • DEO prepares customer orders from products and services purchased from your organization for efficient order processing to meet modern customer demands, improve business functions, and enhance digital processes. Includes order fulfillment for both B2B and B2C.

  • DEO features transaction processing for a variety of loan documents, including appraisals, credit reports and history, disbursement, tax returns, mortgages, and more to maintain consistency, reduce complexities, and compile information for easy retrieval.

  • DEO helps improve business cycle times with claims transaction processing for insurance, medical, dental, and healthcare across the entire breadth of registration, validation, and settlement stages.

  • DEO offers financial and payment processing that helps companies maintain integrity across important payment transactions, including international payments, payroll, credit and debit card payments, the proportion of total fees, revenue processing, service charges, and cross-border payments.

  • DEO handles manufacturing transaction processing to reduce lead-times and expedite operations. This includes transactions for work orders, inventory orders, bills of materials, machine and equipment repair orders, and more.

  • DEO provides payroll and employee record transaction processing, including commissions, employee salaries, gross wages, payroll taxes, bonuses, benefits, and tax payables.

  • DEO offers instant, safe online processing for commercial, retail, and e-commerce transactions, including payments, shipping charges, and product and money distribution records.

Benefits of Utilizing Transaction
Processing Solutions from DEO

Companies can benefit from the consistent, dependable performance of DEO’s autonomous transaction processing system that securely speeds up execution and regularizes transaction lifecycle management:

  • Improve Runtime Functions: Increase your response speed and transaction volume capacity across transaction performance without any loss of data security or cohesion, while preventing network disruption and compliance risks.

  • Usability for Application Development: Custom business applications can significantly improve from data availability, better user interface design and management, and intersystem communication.

  • Manage Diverse Transaction Sources: Eliminate the inconsistency, latency issues, loss of critical data, and errors associated with simultaneously collecting and processing large volumes of transactions from a multitude of sources.

  • Differentiating Solutions: Derive value from large volume processing while overcoming common technical challenges in mission-critical transactions with DEO’s Critical Performance Measures, Quality Control across project lifecycles, and ISO standard adherence.

  • Digitally Native Processing: Move beyond traditional order and payment transaction methods to incorporate micropayments, machine-to-machine transactions, pay per minute services, mobile app purchases, and other emerging digital transaction processing.

  • Distributed Transaction Unification: Take advantage of digital distributed transaction processing and monitoring systems that unify transactions involved in multiple databases, effectively meeting the demand for high-speed transaction processing.

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Online Transaction Entry from the Innovators at DEO

DEO has served international companies across Europe, Australia, North America, and the United States for over 15 years, extending reliable Transaction Processing Services at competitive prices. Our transfer processing system transforms the typically stressful, expensive, error-prone nature of transaction processing into an accurate, standardized operation that synchronizes with your key business tasks.

Contact DEO and discover for yourself why our online transaction processing system supports business efficiencies, minimizes risks, and promotes the industry-specific objectives involved in transaction management.