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Real Estate Data Entry Services Offered by DEO

DEO offers a comprehensive range of real estate data entry services

Buyer and Seller Information Data Entry

DEO’s experts will enter all the important information related to buyers and sellers into a database of your choice so that you can find it whenever needed without having to waste time searching through unorganized information.

Real Estate Legal Documentation Data Entry

We take a quality-first approach to all of our real estate data entry services, which is critical to legal documentation. Our streamlined process provides highly accurate real estate legal documentation data entry in a timely manner.

Real Estate Tax and Insurance Data Entry

DEO offers real estate tax and insurance data entry services to map the data related to taxation and insurances of your properties into a database of your choice.

Property Listings Data Entry

Our data entry experts enter all property listings into a spreadsheet or database, requested by the client. This entry includes vital information like prices, home descriptions, addresses, and all other property-related information as required.

Property Sales Records Data Entry

Get all of your property sales records entered into a database for easy access so that your teams can focus their time on completing transactions rather than wasting it searching for records.

Hard Copies Data Entry

Since businesses with digital records are much more efficient than those using physical documents, DEO helps convert all hard copies and paperwork into the preferred digital format while guaranteeing accuracy.

Commercial Valuation Details Data Entry

Let our experts enter all of the valuation information and metrics for commercial property used to determine its outcome. All of this information is vital and must be highly accurate – which is what DEO excels at.

Non-commercial Valuation Details Data Entry

Non-commercial properties use different factors to determine the value so it’s essential it’s categorized correctly. Our experts ensure that all data pertaining to non-commercial valuation are placed into the correct categories.

Property Management Back Office Services

DEO aims to provide time-tested data management solutions to property managers by reducing the load of massive data volume. We offer expert and customizable services without compromising on data security.

Why Work with DEO

Video annotation has become an essential part of businesses that are looking to breakthrough in their industry. Top businesses are investing heavily in video annotation services because of their many benefits including –

  • DEO has set up a team of specially trained real estate data entry executives who can efficiently handle even large volumes of data involving property listings, transaction records, and real estate legal documents with a fast turnaround time
  • DEO’s real estate data entry services make it easier to tag and index all real estate information for quick access and smarter decision-making
  • As an outsourcing partner, DEO focuses on ramping up the administrative efficiency for real estate companies in a cost-affordable manner. Our customers love us for the fact that we offer customized solutions and are available to process their real estate data entries round-the-clock.
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Flexible Prices

Pricing & Engagement

Our flexible services allow us to provide competitive prices. We’re also able to dedicate teams to work on your projects.

Quality Systems

Quality Systems

DEO has developed a fully tested approach to video annotation that ensures we meet ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance.

Project Security

Project Security

We ensure the security of your projects with up-to-date security technology and an NDA to maintain confidentiality.



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