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SKU Data Entry Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) provides a proven method to enable businesses to optimize inventory levels, stock visibility and purchasing fulfillment with SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) Data Entry Services.

With DEO's SKU data entry, businesses can better manage their product inventory and minimize the potential for error in product selection and packaging when fulfilling orders. Data Entry specialists at DEO ensure that current and relevant SKU codes are applied to the right products for optimized search engine results and improved visibility that refine eCommerce systems.

DEO's commitment to offering targeted organizational data solutions, along with customizable pricing and quality assurance, ensures that companies can maintain clean, enriched SKU batches.


DEO's SKU Data Entry Service Range

DEO efficiently edits, adds, and updates SKU identifiers per category and sub-category with our combination of automated and manual techniques. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • DEO assigns alphanumeric codes to specific products, inventory, and stock. We apply identifying attributes such as description, model, size, color, packaging, warranty items, manufacturer, and all variants.

  • DEO collects data from databases, websites, company portals, indexes, and other sources to help businesses fill out and build their SKU inventory. The resulting data is refined, ordered, enriched, and formatted.

  • DEO classifies SKU inventory by groups and sub-groups for eCommerce optimization and supplemental identification. Filters, merchandise names, descriptions, keywords, and other metadata are created.

  • DEO provides managerial services for SKU, helping businesses avoid any potential out-of-stock or overstock issues, improve high performing SKU's, update and maintain current SKU inventory to meet financial objectives.

  • DEO structures database designs with fields that include product tables for SKU's, ID's, and pricing. This includes variant options for rapid location, retrieval, referral, and recall of SKU information.

Benefits of Utilizing
DEO's SKU Data Entry Service

Businesses can enjoy consistent SKU management to streamline their online, physical, and catalog inventory items, as well as to obtain the following benefits:

  • SKU's for Intangibles: DEO can enter SKU's for intangible billable items, such as warranties or repair time units, further enhancing their index of salable product and service selections.

  • Customizable Coding: DEO designates SKU's according to predefined client criteria and coding systems, or based on our experience and judgment, providing identification that's distinct from existing model numbers or Universal Product Codes (UPC's).

  • Differentiate Items: eCommerce businesses can offer better recommendations to customers based on organized characteristics and information, which attaches distinguishing SKU's to different products within the same category.

  • Account for Inventory: Organizations will be able to quickly account for every piece of their products and services in their inventory and ensure that items aren't unaccounted for or confused with an SKU data entry coding system that's simple to read and interpret.

  • Scalable Models: Companies can apply unique SKU's to all of their billable offerings across retail stores, catalogs, warehouses, product fulfillment centers, online sites, and distribution centers with DEO's scalable service model options.

  • Adaptable Identifiers: DEO can incorporate model numbers into SKU's and adapt the characteristics of the SKU number accordingly so that businesses can fully customize the way they track their inventory.

  • Cycle Management: Companies can lay out an effective foundation out for their inventory management, increase efficiency across processes, and enable business growth throughout the cycle of incoming merchandise, outgoing orders, and returns.

  • Small Business SKU's: Smaller businesses can assign codes to niche products, and the SKU's can help build their inventory base, enable customers to receive the correct orders, and grow SKU's as the company develops.

Inventory Performance
Enhancement Services

Companies can create a standard for inventory management throughout their supply chain and better function across multi-channel selling with a unique SKU coding system. Data Entry Outsourced SKU Data Entry Services offers high-quality formatting, coding, and naming generation across all inventory for best in class solutions. Contact DEO's certified team of data entry specialists for inventory organization services that enable your business to perform at its most efficient and productive.

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