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Sports Annotation Services Offered by DEO

DEO offers a comprehensive range of sports annotation services designed to deliver maximum impact to sports and gaming clients.

Bounding Box Annotation

DEO incorporates the most common type of video annotation into sports videos, using rectangular boxes to define objects. This process is customized to sports videos so that businesses are able to pull valuable datasets for training data during the ML process.

Semantic Segmentation

Our experts segment your videos into components and then annotate them. This allows our teams to identify selected parts of objects within the video on a frame-by-frame level.

Action Identification

DEO experts design and label 2D bounding boxes that track specific segments of sporting events and teams. Factors like player tracking help define essential moments during fast-paced action that are easy to miss. This data can be used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a team.

Player Annotation

Our expert teams are very good at tracking specific players and tagging them. This annotation helps coaches to understand their players better. Factors like fitness, speed, and stamina are all visible. Not only can coaching staff find value in this type of data, betting companies can use it to define the odds.

Why Invest in Sports Annotation Outsourcing Services

Sports data analytics have become a huge part of the industry. We’re seeing teams from every sport all around the world using data to formulate game plans. Here are some of the reasons why investing in sports annotation services is a great idea.

  • Having access to expert sports video annotators will improve the video annotation so coaches and players can analyze videos more efficiently by searching for tags rather than having to go through every second of the video.
  • It provides highly accurate variables that allow coaches to formulate game plans using data science and the latest annotation tools.
  • Outsourcing sports annotation services results in immense time and cost savings.
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Why Outsource Sports
Annotation Services to DEO

Sports annotation outsourcing with DEO is much more efficient than trying to build an in-house team. Here are some of the
reasons top companies from around the world choose to work with us.

  • Our teams are highly experienced in both video annotation and sports so they have extensive knowledge of rules, gameplay, and other factors from sports around the world.
  • DEO operates a global workforce so we can work around the clock on projects, guaranteeing fast delivery.
  • Our processes are streamlined so they are highly efficient. Therefore, we’re able to offer prices at a fraction of the price of what it could cost companies if they did it in-house.
  • We use secure systems and protocols to guarantee the safety of our client's data.
  • Our flexible outsourcing model allows us to adapt to all types of clients and their unique requirements.
  • All of our video annotation members are sports enthusiasts!
Flexible Prices

Flexible Prices

Our prices work with all budgets and we also provide dedicated resources for optimum results.

Quality Systems

Quality Systems

Our processes are designed to meet ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance.

Project Security

Project Security

Client security is a high priority so we have highly secure systems and use an NDA to ensure confidentiality.



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