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Video Tagging and Annotation Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) offers a practical solution of Video Tagging and Annotation that ensures accurate identification and labeling of any object or entity within videos. We rely on the intelligent capabilities of advanced video tagging tools to apply relevant and appropriate metadata to videos for a wide spectrum of use cases. DEO has served companies across numerous industries, providing tagging and video annotation of security and satellite video footage, medical and radiology imaging, localization and navigation, e-Commerce videos, social media video content, product presentations, and more.

As a specialized data entry service provider to a global clientele for close to two decades, DEO is uniquely positioned to offer affordable, secure, and dependable tagging and video annotation services. For a free consultation and custom quote, contact our specialists today.


Tagging and Video Annotation Service Range from Data Entry Outsourced

With a wide range of data entry, data conversion, and data processing services, DEO has been assisting businesses meet their diverse project requirements for years. Our services include the followings:

  • DEO creates custom 2D and 3D bounding boxes surrounding static and mobile objects within video content, focusing on precision across every required frame. Our team is able to cover the target objects for both simple and occluded objects with 100% accuracy.

  • DEO’s data entry specialists closely watch the videos and accurately tag the specified areas, enabling you to optimize social media website searches or other web searches. This service includes user-generated tags, or organizational metadata such as file name, date, and other descriptive keywords.

  • DEO offers pixelwise annotation based on state-of-the-art algorithms that are tailored to categorize and classify each object at pixel level. Ideal for video content that requires extreme accuracy in object detection.

  • DEO annotates complex or irregular shaped objects within video frames with reliable accuracy for any number of objects. Ideal for varied or textured objects and shapes and perfect for providing localization data.

  • DEO carefully annotates your videos, putting clear labels on either chosen objects within the video, or all the objects in your video so that you can act on your data, or feed it to a machine for AI.

Benefits of Using DEO for Video Annotation and Tagging

Companies can take advantage of our flexible outsourcing model to scale or experiment with their project scope and requirements while benefiting from the following:

  • Variety of Annotation Styles: Choose from a variety of annotation styles to compliment your video, platform, and objectives, including emojis, subtitles, notes, titles, labels, and speech bubbles.

  • Leverage Digital Growth: Support sales and marketing objectives and leverage online and digital growth with a streamlined approach to video tagging that can support the increasing amount of produced and released video content.

  • Create a Video Library: DEO offers a video library creation option with a complete and personalized classification and tagging system to enable a faster, organized, and simpler way to locate business videos.

  • Analytics-Driven Meta Data: Ensure that general or broad search queries can locate your company’s videos on various social media platforms or search engines with relevant, analytics supported keywords.

  • Functional Metadata: Using advanced technology, application, and processes, we ensure that Video Tagging and Annotation is effective for marketing, product and service promotion, information sharing, and brand identity.

  • Technological and Human-Based Annotation: Locate, monitor, and track specific objects for localization, geospatial mapping, and navigation with a mix of technological and human-based annotation in any preferred language.

Outsource Video Tagging & Annotation Services

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Offshore Video Tagging and Annotation in India

DEO’s process transparency, quality, cost-effectiveness, and ability to scale up, infused with technology-driven quality control processes, ensure the deliverables exceeding the quality benchmark. With a team of experienced, multilingual data entry specialists, we’re able to meet the unique project scopes, budgets, and turnaround times of our clients. Contact DEO today to learn how we can help support your company with practical Video Tagging and Annotation Services with quality, precision, and speed.